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The Mad Titan Podcast

Mar 1, 2019

The Mad Titan Podcast has turned 21...episodes does that make it legal now? Either way its time to celebrate with another incredible show. This time the resident Super Villain, Jay Washington is joined by comedian and Comedy Store pianist, Jeffrey Baldinger. 

Jay and Jeffrey discuss how they got into comic books and nerdom and how now its the hip thing to be a nerd. They barbershop talk all of the news in the comic book world for the week, including Black Panther's historic Oscar wins, Avengers Endgame expecting to make a ridiculous amount of money, Aquaman will be back in shiny gold in a few years and much more. 

Jay also takes calls from the new Mad Titan Hotline which you too can reach at 818-276-6947.

It's another locked and loaded episode you DO NOT want to miss.

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