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The Mad Titan Podcast

Oct 23, 2018

We have hit lucky number 7 in episodes of The Mad Titan Podcast. Jay is joined by one of his good nerd friends, comedian, actor, Army veteran and host of the Sex, Jokes and Rock & Roll podcast, Thom Tran.

Once again we have another epic crossover episode that is being shared across both platforms and Jay has to catch...

Oct 17, 2018

It’s the ACTUAL sixth episode of The Mad Titan Podcast (Jay got the count right this time).

This go round Jay is joined by comedian, actor and black nerd from New York City, Nick Alexander.

Nick and Jay discuss The Gifted on Fox, Daredevil’s third season, the cancellation of Iron Fist, the arrival of Titans as well...

Oct 10, 2018

It’s the fifth episode of The Mad Titan Podcast and the resident Super Villain, Jay Washington is joined once again By Cinelinx host, professional wrestler “The Jersey Jackass” BC Cambell. BC is joining the show while in New York for New York Comic Con. They go into many of the big developments and announcements...